Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tunbridge World's Fair

 The Tunbridge World's Fair~Tunbridge, Vermont

Thursday marks the opening day of the Tunbridge World's Fair. Farmer's from across the state come to showcase their animals, hay, and vegetables. Children and adults come with arms full of entries for the fair. Today, I took the mural that the children felted at our summer farm camp this summer as an entry in the juvenile group project category. We titled the mural: "Vermont I Spy". Hidden within, one can find all the many things that makes Vermont so special.

Won't you join me in a game of I Spy?

The state map
Graveyard with granite gravestones
Ski Mountain and skis
A person fishing
Car stuck in the mud
Pine forest
Covered bridge
Sunset over the mountains
Maple leaf
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
Red barn
Hen in a nest
Water fall
Maple syrup
Apple tree
Morgan horse
Dairy cow
Black bear
Hermit Thrush-the state bird
…And the shepherd and her sheep 

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