Friday, August 23, 2013

Little Felted Purse

2 ounces wool yarn
16” (US 10) circular needle
US 10 double point needles

Cast on 28 stitches
Knit in garter stitch for 15 rows, this will be the bottom of your pouch
With your left needle start picking up stitches along the edge of your knitted piece, you will pick up approximately 40 stitches; you will now be knitting in the round until your piece measures 6” tall, cast off.

I Cord -You will need to make two I- cord handles measuring 18” long
Thread an I-cord on each side of the pouch and tie ends together with a knot.
Your pouch is now ready for felting.

How to make I-cord

Cast on 3 sts using double pointed needles.
Knit, don’t turn.
Slip the sts back to the beginning of the needle and k the row again.
Continue in this manner until you have a short length of knitting, pull down on the cord and the gap at the back will close.
Continue until the cord is 18” or desired length.

Felting your pouch

Put your pouch in the washer with a pair of jeans or some similar heavy non-shedding fabric to help agitation.
Pouch can be placed in a closed bag (a zipped pillowcase, for example) to keep any shed wool from plugging the washer's drain.
Add a little soap and run on a hot wash cycle.

Check your piece often in the wash cycle until your pouch is felted to your satisfaction.

Dry completely and then decorate as desired.


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