Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Meet my son

Chris Mazzarella has worked in custom cabinetry and design in the Connecticut River Valley for over a decade. His woodworking career led him to discover architectural photography, which opened up a new chapter in his artistic pursuits. Over the past few years his photographic works have appeared in dozens of magazines, newspapers, brochures and websites, and his freelance work has expanded into wildlife, landscapes, and portraiture.

Chris’s wildlife and nature photography is now on view at the New Hampshire Audubon Society, the current issue of Northern Woodlands Magazine, as well as  calendars and promotional materials around New England. Chris has provided his photography services to a variety of non-profits, conservation groups, and chambers of commerce.
Chris also founded the wildlife conservation blog Forest Forward, which has thousands of followers, and has received accolades from publications such as Upper Valley Life, The Outdoor Gazette and North Country News. The blog includes Chris’s photography, commentary, and first-hand interviews of world renowned conservationists such as Bill McKibben and iconic wildlife photographers including Scott Bourne and Chris McLennan. 

Chris is currently working on a new website to promote his portrait, wedding, and commercial work which will soon be up and running at www.mazzphoto.com.

You can view Chris’s wildlife photography at www.forestforward.com and his active Facebook page facebook.com/mazzarellaphoto

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